It is important that your Active Sign gives a good sense of what your business is selling. 

Inform Customers of What You Are Selling

Establish Your Brand

Active Signs Generate Impulse Sales

Our Mission is Simple:
Provide You With the Least Expensive and Most Effective Form of Advertising


Marketing is an important part of maintaining and growing your business. We will work with you to make sure that all of your signage needs are met and you see return on your marketing investment.  

Let Active Signs help build your business.

Our Mission

Why Use Us

Portable Sign Rentals and Sign Products

Portable Signs are especially helpful if your business is not in a high-traffic area.  If you’re located inside a building with multiple tenants, you will need a sign outside the building to draw people in.

Active Signs Provide Direction

Have a Sign That Stands Out

Active Signs provides all of my tenants with a clean and attractive product that I believe truly enhances the marketing of our sites, and increases consumer brand recognition for our tenants.

Don't Let Anything Stop Them

People often look for what’s convenient first. If your portable sign is the one that stands out, you will be the one who gets their business first.

Active Signs lets people know what you are selling.  Our portable signs help people remember your business name and what you have to offer. 

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Include things on your Active Sign like your telephone number or website address so that people who do not have time to stop can still contact you.


Change Your Message When You Want


John Arcuri 
Property Manager at Ashton Square 

Active Signs will help grow your business and increase profits, by continually attracting new customers. 

Attract New Customers 

Add current promotions, events, or contests to a sign that is easily changed or updated.

Customers who are busy don’t always plan to visit your location; however, they might notice your sign, realize that your offerings meet a need they have, and will stop and come inside.

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